What should I bring?

There is nothing you cannot get in Spain so maybe just a pair of well worn in shoes to walk, a smart outfit to go out in the evening, everything else is optional. Keep in mind that Summers tend to be literally blistering hot and winters can be chilly.

How do we move around in Spain?

Well, it depends on where we are going and how you want to get there. For road trips we use a state of the art Mercedes luxury van. For other trips we take high speed trains, we can also arrange private planes and boats.

When is the best time to visit Spain?

Spring and Fall have the best climate for visiting. As I have said before, summers are very hot – except on the North Shore, where summers are milder and even cool in the evenings, think New England. Winters can be cold, except in the South where they are milder.

Can we visit other cities in Spain?

Of course! We can go to cool Barcelona, magical Seville, Arabesque Granada, Mediterranean Valencia, Atlantic Santiago, foodie San Sebastian, sunny Mallorca, or Porto and Lisbon in Portugal!

Leading a group of students at the castle of Segovia
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